Direct Test procedure


Direct test

The applicant who possess a driving license from any of the countries listed below is eligible to apply for a direct test


GCC driving license (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE) 


Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Slovakia, Argentina, Cyprus, Norway, South Africa, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherland, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Japan.

An applicant from the above-listed country and has an original, valid driving license is eligible to apply for the direct test and the conversion of driving license is not possible. The direct test consist of Signal test + Road test. 

The driving schools in Qatar are only allowed to provide practical training. The entire procedures to obtain Qatar driving license through direct test happens with the MOI Traffic department. MOI Traffic department conducts the tests related to direct test through the driving schools in Qatar.  

First you must visit the MOI License Affairs section in our Academy personally to schedule the signal test and the 2 hours theory classes. After verifying your home country's driving license, the MOI officers will provide you with the signs & signal test date. You can schedule the theory classes with the team assigned for training by MOI, ie, “Holoteq” after that. 

Upon clearing the signs & signal test, you will be getting the appointment for the road test. 

MOI License Affairs department’s working hours at DDA 

6:30 am to 11:30 am (Sun-Wed) and Thursday is only for ladies. The best time to schedule the test appointment is before 9:30 am. 

You are eligible for 2 road test chances through the direct test. As per the current procedures, the expenses will be approximately QR 1000/- (if the applicant clears the tests in the first attempt). In order to apply, the profession on your Qatar ID should be eligible as well, which you can check with this section. 

Documents required: 

·         Original & valid driving license for verification

·         Submit the confirmation (NOC by sponsor) online in METRASH 2 for LMV driving license

·         Eyesight test report, you can perform the eye test in our academy’s eye test centre or any Traffic department’s accredited eye centres (charges apply- 50QR)

·         Copy of Applicant’s Qatar ID (if QID is not processed yet, then VISA copy + Passport Copy + Entry Stamp copy from passport)

·         1 x Passport size photograph (If you are using spectacles ensure your photographs are with spectacles/ either blue or white background).


In an event where both test chances were utilized and unsuccessful, then the next option is to join the driving course.


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