Road only training courses


 Road only training courses

  As per the update from the Traffic Department, if the applicant had joined a driving course and was unsuccessful in both road test attempts then they must join a driving   course to proceed further with the following conditions:                                        

 If the last road test took place before 1 year from today, then the applicant must repeat the entire tests (theory + parking + road) after joining the driving course.

 They can select either half or full course to proceed.

 If the last road date is within 1 year, then the applicant could start from where they have failed by joining a road only training course with only road test.

 VIP  (LMV road only training half course) -  QR 4000

 Light Motor Vehicle (road only training regular half   course) - QR 2800

 Heavy Bus road only training regular half course - QR   2900

 Medium Truck road only training regular half course -   QR 2805

 Trailer road only training regular half course - QR 3025

 If the applicant joined the previous driving course in another driving school, then we will provide a file transfer letter upon course registration and this has to be   submitted in   the traffic department section of the previous driving school.

 Note: In the regular driving course, a wait time of maximum 30 days (depending on your preferred training time) is applicable to start the practical training after registration.

 Applicant must renew the DTS card issued by the theoretical training team assigned by MOI to proceed. QR 100, renewal charges.

 Test Scheduling charges (excluding the fees quoted above) 

 Ø  Road test (2 chances) – scheduling fees QR 50 to MOI per test


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