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Pregnant women can take driving lessons but they need to get special permission from the doctor. At the time of registration we will make the student sign a form stating that it is on their own risk they are taking driving lessons
International license will hold no value once you have a residence visa stamped on your passport. Holding your country�s license will help in reduction of classes
Yes, but depending upon the availability of the instructor he/she will be assigned to you
The only effect it will have is that you will be delayed for your final test due to time consumed in clearing theory and assessment tests

Anyone who has a valid Qatar driving license can directly go for Road test on Manual vehicle with the following documents

  • Application Form
  • NOC from the Employer (not the METRASH 2 confirmation document (hard copy)
  • CR copy
  • Copy of Applicant�s Qatar ID
  • 2 X Passport size photographs
  • Eye Test report, You can perform the eye test from our academy

You are eligible for a direct test (Theory + Road) and can schedule the test dates in MOI Licensing Affairs Department at Doha Driving Academy.

You need to inform your course in-charge or call DDA customer care at +974 44792263 least 48 hours in advance to stop the class.
Kindly approach the scheduling division in the main administration building and another instructor will be allocated if available
You need to inform your Schedule division in-charge or call DDA customer care at +974 44792263 at least 48 hours in advance to stop the class.
Kindly approach the scheduling department in the main Administration building and they will assist you further.
Yes. There is no grace period for an expired license. You will incur late penalty charges the day after your license expires, even if you are not driving in this period. If you drive with an expired license, you will be fined.

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