Forklift Driving Course


Forklift Driving Course

Course Highlights:

Driving a forklift is extremely different from driving a car - they are machines that require special operational skills. At DDA, our Light Forklift Driving License course prepares you for the test and enables you to obtain a license to operate. Students who complete the course and pass the tests are licensed to drive light forklifts.

Learning how to operate a forklift is a handy employment skill enabling students to discover job opportunities in industries like manufacturing, logistics and storage industries. There are work prospects in factories, warehouses, storage yards, airports and marine ports, etc. Upon completing this course, you will gain considerable knowledge and practical skills on operating a forklift. The course features an introduction to the several types of shovel and how to operate in different work environments under various weather conditions. There will be elaborate lessons on determining engine and loading capacity, learning how to control the distinctive types of levers, how to reduce maintenance and related expenses by increasing efficiency and improving operating skills to reduce accidents. The course will cover load control and how to efficiently load different materials, how to adjust angles based on load weight, how to use the bucket with levers for different levels.

All our carefully chosen instructors will motivate and guide you to learn how to stay alert, and maintain precise control regardless of the environment or operating conditions. You will learn how to build confidence and enhance your operating skills as well as respect the environment and maintain safety standards with awareness and the right attitude.

Our driving instructors are not only devoted to observing and maintaining safety at all times, they are exceptionally trained with years of driving experience. All our instructors are professional tutors with the requisite teaching license endorsed by the MOI Traffic Department Qatar. To enhance their skills, they frequently undergo training and briefings on the latest safety procedures and driving technology. By regularly liaising with MOI Traffic Department officials, they also keep themselves updated on new road and highway routes and additional safety measures.

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