Direct Test procedure


            Driving license eligible for direct conversion 

            Romania, Bosnia, Malaysia, South Korea, UK, Turkey, Germany, Portuguese, Poland, Serbia, France 

            Driving license eligible for the direct test 

           Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Canada, Slovakia, Argentina, Cyprus, Norway, South Africa, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, Netherland, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Ukraine, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, Japan. Anyone             who possesses the valid and original driving license from GCC countries is eligible for the direct test as well. 

            Direct test - 2 theoretical sessions (online) + theory test + road test

            Anyone who possesses a driving license issued from Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Syria is also permitted for the direct test. However, they will be having 2 theoretical sessions (online) + theory test + parking test + road test


            Please try scheduling the test online through the MOI e-services portal.

            This service enables individuals who have foreign driving licenses (listed above) to submit a request to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in order to book a driving test appointment at one of the accredited driving schools.

   Online Instructions

Ø  Log in with your smartcard to MOI e-services portal.

Ø  Select “Traffic Services” then “Driving Test Appointments”.

Ø  For applicants: Select “My QID”, then enter the number.

Ø  For residents who hold QIDs: Select “QID Number”, then enter the number.

Ø  For valid visa holders: Select “Visa Number”, then enter the number.

Ø  Enter cell phone number and email of service beneficiary or applicant so that the system displays the appointment details page, which includes detailed information about the person taking the test and learning permit details.

Ø  Select a driving school from the ones available in the schools list.

Ø  Select available date and time for the selected driving school.

Ø  Pay appropriate fees so that the appointment is allocated to the beneficiary.

v  This service is also available on Metrash2 mobile app.


        In case if you are unable to book the test online then you must visit the traffic department section in our premises to schedule. We don’t have a part in the direct test, as the test dates and test are governed by the MOI Traffic department section.

        To ease the procedures, the Traffic department has offices in all driving schools. This section in our Academy works from (6:30 am to 11:30 am, Sun to Wed & ladies must visit them only on Thursdays).


        Driving license eligible for half course

        Kenya, Eretria, Ghana, Somalia, Mauritius, Sudan, Egypt, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Ethiopian, Nigeria, Nepal, North Korea, Philippines, Sri  Lanka

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