Heavy Bus driving course


Heavy Bus driving course

According to the MOI Traffic Department's criteria, a Heavy Bus is a vehicle having a capacity of over 14 passengers.

As you will be transporting passengers, it is essential to add to the skills you already have as a driver of car. Our Heavy Bus driving license course caters to students planning to qualify for a license to drive passenger buses. You will need to pass the Traffic department's driving test to get your license.

While this course is similar to our other courses in terms of the technical aspects, the added emphasis is on passenger care and safety. Not only will you need to master driving a larger vehicle and dealing with pedestrians and other road users unaware of the challenges of driving a large bus, you will also be responsible for the safety and comfort of numerous passengers. In particular, you will need to ensure children are seated properly and that other safety measures like holding handrails are constantly observed. Moreover, a bus driver must always know what to do in case there is an emergency or how to handle other incidents like a fire or a traffic accident.

As well as driving your vehicle safely, you'll also need to deliver your passengers safely, courteously, efficiently and on time to their destination.

Good driving isn't just about learning the rules of the road: your skill and attitude as a driver are vital too, and you'll keep learning and developing these over the years.

As a professional driver, you should set an example to other road users by showing the right attitude to your driving and a good knowledge of safe, modern driving techniques.

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