Motorbike Driving Course


Motorbike Driving Course

Course Highlights:

Our motorcycle course is becoming widely popular as there are numerous advantages in owning and riding a motorcycle. Motorcycles enable flexibility in terms of time and distance, especially in traffic jams, and parking is almost effortless. They are also environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, easier to maintain and have lower petrol requirements. Our students include motorcycle enthusiasts who ride as a hobby those who've enrolled into this course for employment reasons.

This course prepares our students for the Motorbike driving test in the Qatar. Upon completion, students can either drive a manual or an automatic transmission motorcycle. As always, safety underscores all our courses at DDA for both our instructors and students. Every course element is exclusively designed for beginners to gain confidence and perfect their riding technique.

A motorcycle course teaches both new and experienced riders how to handle their bike on the open road with safety and confidence. This course also teaches turning and cornering at high speeds such as curves on highways and winding roads, especially when the curve is tighter than anticipated, tackling sharp turns from stoplights or stop signs, pulling out of parking spaces or driveways or onto a narrow street Helmets are provided for your use during the course.

All our carefully chosen instructors have been specially tutored to motivate and guide you to learn how to stay alert, expertly navigate the roads and maintain precise control regardless of the environment or driving conditions.

Our driving instructors are not only devoted to observing and maintaining safety at all times, they are exceptionally trained with years of driving experience. All our instructors are professional tutors with the requisite teaching license endorsed by the MOI Traffic Department Qatar. To enhance their skills, they frequently undergo training and briefings on the latest safety procedures and driving technology. By regularly liaising with MOI Traffic Department officials, they also keep themselves updated on new road and highway routes and additional safety measures.

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